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What is the most “clicked-on” Radnor Report ever?

More than 40,000 people have clicked on the link to “The Joe Biden I Know” – published in September 2015 and written by Ken Feltman. That is not quite twice as many clicks or views as any other Radnor Report. … Continue reading

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Facing Backlash, Republicans Confront Trump’s Effect on Their Party

Catie Edmondson of the New York Times – When a distraught constituent accosted her on Tuesday night at a restaurant in the nation’s capital, Representative Nancy Mace confronted an impossible task that sprang from President Trump’s false promises: getting them … Continue reading

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The Distinct Political Paths of Barack Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

 Benjamin Wallace-Wells of The New Yorker – There isn’t an obvious place for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the current Democratic effort, which is trying to persuade voters that an expansive agenda is common sense. Continue…

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Has Donald Trump finally split the Republican party?

Martin Pengelly of The Guardian – After four years of norm-shattering rule, Donald Trump appears close to doing the one thing observers have long predicted but that has not yet come to pass: splitting the Republican party. With Trump staring … Continue reading

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The GOP Is the Party of Civil War

In Georgia’s Senate runoffs, the central issue is right-wing insurrection. William Saletan of Slate – As President Donald Trump headed to Georgia for a campaign rally on Saturday, a menace was spreading across the country: a right-wing insurrection, led by … Continue reading

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