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Polling 101: What Happened To The Polls In 2016 — And What You Should Know About Them In 2020

 Dhrumil Mehta, Michael Tabb and Anna Rothschild of FiveThirtyEight – The results of the 2016 election came as a shock to many Americans. How could Donald Trump win the presidency when he was behind in the polls? As Election Day approaches in 2020, … Continue reading

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Who’s ahead in the national polls?

FiveThirtyEight – An updating average of 2020 presidential general election polls, accounting for each poll’s quality, sample size and recency. Continue…

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Biden is ahead. Democrats are still stressed.

Gregory Krieg and Dan Merica of CNN – Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump nationally and is running ahead or even with him in most swing state polls. He is besting Trump on just about every question atop voters’ minds, from the coronavirus and health care … Continue reading

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Joe Biden is polling better than any challenger since 1936

Harry Enten of CNN – Former Vice President Joe Biden is dominating President Donald Trump in the latest polls. No, the election is not over yet, and Trump still has a non-negligible chance of winning. But a look through history reveals … Continue reading

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Who’s winning? Links to the Latest 2020 Presidential Election Polls

Keep the following link handy to get the latest updates whenever you want:

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