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What’s happening in Washington?

Take a look at Lobbyist News from Radnor Reports: Go to Lobbyist News –

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217 readers were asked to comment on Radnor Reports. Here’s what they said:

Sixty-one had mostly positive things to say while 128 were critical of something (such as the source of one or more articles or the research firm cited – even the Radnor logo). The remainder had suggestions or were neutral. Most … Continue reading

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State by state, region by region, it’s a patchwork approach: Here’s what reopening the economy looks like

Shirley Leung, Larry Edelman of the Boston Globe – As states across the country take their first steps to reopen, one pattern emerges: a patchwork of approaches…. Continue…    

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Most popular recent articles – October-December 2019

Ken Feltman of Radnor Reports – Requests for a list of the most popular articles from recent months hit a new high (736) in January. While that is gratifying, it is also puzzling to me because several of my favorites … Continue reading

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The most popular Radnor Reports articles from past years

Ken Feltman – Each year, I receive requests to re-publish some past articles. Since 2006, the two most requested articles have traded places but neither has slipped below 1 or 2. Evy Dubrow: A Life Worth Living (July 2006). This gentle … Continue reading

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