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How do European countries differ in religious commitment? Use the interactive map to find out

By Jonathan Evans and Chris Baronavski of Pew Research – Europeans generally are less religious than people in other parts of the world. But within Europe, there are sometimes sizable differences in levels of religious commitment, according to an analysis … Continue reading

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Are White Evangelicals Sacrificing The Future In Search Of The Past?

By Daniel Cox of FiveThirtyEight – White evangelicals have consistently told pollsters that life in the U.S. has gotten worse since the 1950s. Nostalgia seems to be animating much of white evangelical politics. But in longing for an American past, … Continue reading

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The foundation of Trump’s coalition is cracking

Analysis by Ronald Brownstein, CNN Cracks have emerged in Donald Trump’s hold on his core constituency of white working class voters, new data from the 2018 election reveal. Though Republican candidates almost everywhere registered large margins among white voters without … Continue reading

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Are White Evangelicals the Saviors of the GOP?

by Nathan L. Gonzales of Inside Elections Amid all the talk about shifting demographics and political changes over the last decade, one key voting group has remained virtually unchanged: white evangelicals. Continue reading…

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America’s New Religions

By Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine My late friend, Christopher Hitchens, with a certain glee, gave me a copy of his book, God Is Not Great, a fabulous grab bag of religious insanity and evil over time, which I … Continue reading

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