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White Voters Without A Degree Remained Staunchly Republican In 2018

By Nathaniel Rakich and Julia Wolfe of FiveThirtyEight – Since the election, we’ve made it our mission to uncover the variables that best explain why things shook out the way they did. We’ve already shown you the strong correlation between partisanship and U.S. … Continue reading

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For Darwin Day, 6 facts about the evolution debate

By David Masci of Pew Research – Today is the 210th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, a day now celebrated by some as Darwin Day. Darwin is best known for his theory of evolution through natural selection. When Darwin’s work was first made public … Continue reading

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Are White Evangelicals Sacrificing The Future In Search Of The Past?

By Daniel Cox in FiveThirtyEight – In 2016, white evangelical Protestants strongly supported Donald Trump, a septuagenarian candidate who promised to make America great again, to bring back “Merry Christmas” and to protect, cherish and defend America’s Christian heritage. White evangelicals have consistently … Continue reading

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Uyghur refugee tells of death and fear inside China’s Xinjiang camps

By Ivan Watson and Ben Westcott of CNN – The children’s eyes light up when their mother pulls out a photo of her triplets taken shortly after their birth in 2015. “Moez!” three-year old Moez says, pointing at the infant … Continue reading

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Religious Typology: A new way to categorize Americans by religion

From the Pew Research Center – Most U.S. adults identify with a particular religious denomination or group. They describe themselves as Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, Mormon or Muslim – to name just a few of the hundreds of identities or … Continue reading

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