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‘A recipe for disaster’? Trump’s border emergency drags the GOP into a risky fight ahead of 2020

By Rachael Bade, Sean Sullivan and Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post – President Trump’s decision to unilaterally attempt to build his promised wall at the Mexico border is pulling his party into a tailspin of drama and unease — … Continue reading

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America’s Electoral Map Is Changing

By Rachael Dottle and Galen Druke of FiveThirtyEight – Today’s political landscape is often dismissed as a partisan deadlock in which the vast majority of voters have already made up their minds and will only dig their feet in further … Continue reading

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‘I wish this never happened’: Republicans lament Trump’s handling of the shutdown

By Manu Raju and Sarah Mucha of CNN The rapid-fire turn of events that led President Donald Trump to cave on his demand for money for his long promised border wall in exchange for reopening the government had a number … Continue reading

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How Much Trouble Could Larry Hogan Cause Trump in a 2020 GOP Primary?

By Geoffrey Skelley of FiveThirtyEight – In 1974, Rep. Lawrence Hogan Sr. became the first Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee to call for President Richard Nixon’s impeachment. Now there’s speculation in Washington that his son, Maryland Gov. Larry … Continue reading

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Is This The Rising Republican Who Wants To Be The Alternative To Donald Trump?

By Henry J. Gomez of Buzz Feed – Larry Hogan has John McCain’s speechwriter and an eyebrow-raising visit to Iowa on his calendar. “I certainly think I have something to contribute to the national debate.” Hogan has demonstrated savvy in … Continue reading

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