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A closer look at who identifies as Democrat and Republican

Drew DeSilver of the Pew Research Center – Ken Feltman: This information may be five years old but it continues to be among the best available. American political parties have long been vehicles to represent ever-shifting coalitions of particular interests … Continue reading

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Former Rep. Cliff Stearns dinged as FEC cracks down on ‘zombie’ campaigns

Stearns spent thousands at a social club for lawmakers soon after he registered to lobby Emily Kopp in Roll Call – Former Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., is a senior advisor based in APCO Worldwide’s Washington, D.C., office and serves as … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Democratic Party Warns Public to Remain Vigilant Online After Republicans Created Fake NH Dems Twitter Account

Contact: Holly Shulman, NH Dems, (603) 715-4321 The New Hampshire Democratic Party warned the public to stay vigilant about the information they see online, following Republicans creation of a Twitter account that was meant to deceive voters into believing it was … Continue reading

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Growing share of Republicans say U.S. risks losing its identity if it is too open to foreigners

Claire Brockway and Carroll Doherty of Pew Research – A majority of Americans (62%) continue to say the country’s openness to people from around the world is “essential to who we are as a nation.” But the share expressing this … Continue reading

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How Trump could win in 2020: Democrats nominate a very liberal candidate

Harry Enten of CNN – President Donald Trump’s approval rating among voters has been stuck at or below 45% for pretty much his entire presidency. And, at this point in the campaign, a record percentage of voters say they’ll vote … Continue reading

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