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There Are Plenty Of Anti-Trump Republicans — You Just Have To Know Where To Look

Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight – Looking at Trump’s standing only among people currently inside powerful Republican-controlled spaces — the party itself, Fox News, the White House, etc. — presents an incomplete picture and understates opposition to Trump among Republican … Continue reading

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U.S. concern about climate change is rising, but mainly among Democrats

Brian Kennedy and Meg Hefferon of Pew Research – The share of Americans calling global climate change a major threat to the well-being of the United States has grown from 40% in 2013 to 57% this year. But the rise … Continue reading

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Trump’s base is very different from the swing voters he’ll need in 2020

Harry Enten of CNN – President Donald Trump’s chief problem heading into the 2020 campaign can be boiled down to “like him on the economy, but not overall.” Aggregating our last three CNN polls, Trump has a 44% approval rating … Continue reading

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Let’s Predict Whether You’re a Democrat or a Republican

Sahil Chinoy of the New York Times – Tell us a few details about yourself and we’ll guess which political party you belong to. It shouldn’t be that simple, right? We’re all complex people with a multiplicity of identities and … Continue reading

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A closer look at who identifies as Democrat and Republican

Drew DeSilver of the Pew Research Center – Ken Feltman: This information may be five years old but it continues to be among the best available. American political parties have long been vehicles to represent ever-shifting coalitions of particular interests … Continue reading

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