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How one Hill aide is turning his political connections into a business

 Lindsey McPherson of Roll Call – Exclusive newsletter was the start of something more Ask Michael Hardaway to sign you up for his Sunday evening newsletter, and he’ll probably say no. His own parents aren’t even on the list. That … Continue reading

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US adversaries could seize on Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis to spread disinformation

More fake stories could roil a tense and divided America weeks ahead of the Nov. 3 election. John M Donnelly of Roll Call – The security implications of President Donald Trump’s contraction of the novel coronavirus are more likely to … Continue reading

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Mueller report shows Trump aides routinely ignored his orders on crucial matters

Special counsel highlights chaotic West Wing where staff tried to save president from himself John T. Bennett of Roll Call – Presidential orders given but often ignored. Ample cursing. Aides working behind the scenes to protect Donald Trump from his … Continue reading

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Are White Evangelicals the Saviors of the GOP?

by Nathan L. Gonzales of Inside Elections Amid all the talk about shifting demographics and political changes over the last decade, one key voting group has remained virtually unchanged: white evangelicals. Continue reading…

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What If Trump Is Trying to Throw the 2018 Elections?

President Trump could blame a Democratic House and Senate for everything By Walter Shapiro of Roll Call Other presidents have been defined by their quest for accomplishments. But Trump (who has already bested Lincoln’s greatness in his own mind) is … Continue reading

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