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US adversaries could seize on Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis to spread disinformation

More fake stories could roil a tense and divided America weeks ahead of the Nov. 3 election. John M Donnelly of Roll Call – The security implications of President Donald Trump’s contraction of the novel coronavirus are more likely to … Continue reading

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Russia is back, wilier than ever — and it’s not alone

Mark Scott in Politico – Moscow’s hacking and disinformation tactics have evolved since 2016, while Americans help spread doubts about the November election. Continue…

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Russian man charged with stealing Americans’ identities as part of election interference efforts

 Evan Perez of CNN – Federal prosecutors charged a Russian man – who allegedly worked as a manager in the Russian government’s US-election interference efforts – with conspiracy to steal the identities of Americans to open bank and cryptocurrency accounts. … Continue reading

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Republicans incriminate Trump, decimate his ‘Russia hoax’ narrative

Marik von Rennenkampff in The Hill – In 2018, Steve Bannon accused Donald Trump’s top campaign officials of “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” conduct, according to author Michael Wolff. Bannon, like a long list of former Trump associates, is now in a world of legal trouble. But … Continue reading

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Belarus strongman president faces strong election challenge

The Associated Press (Jim Heintz in Moscow contributed to this story) – Incumbent Alexander Lukashenko, in office for 26 years, has made it clear he won’t hesitate to quash any attempt by his opponents to protest the results of Sunday’s … Continue reading

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