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Three articles to read before you watch the election results come in tonight

Midterms road map: 10 races to watch on Election Night – CNN Politics  House Update: Keeping An Eye On Democratic ‘Reach’ Districts – FiveThirtyEight Major industries shift contributions from Republicans to Democrats ahead of election day – Open Secrets

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The battle for control of the Senate is looking worse for Democrats

By Alexander Bolton of The Hill Just a month ago, Democrats saw a path to a Senate majority but now look as if they could lose more seats and have a smaller minority next year. Republicans have seen a bump … Continue reading

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The odds are about 3 in 4 that the Democrats take back the House next month

FiveThirtyEight’s latest analysis shows Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives on November 6. And if you want more, get your political fix from these FiveThirtyEight predictions and analyses: Is Kavanaugh Helping Republicans’ Midterm Chances? by Nate Silver Democrats … Continue reading

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FiveThirtyEight Forecast: 2 in 3 Chances Republicans keep control of the Senate

See the analysis and charts supporting this forecast…

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GOP senator blocks bill that would ban release of 3D gun blueprints

By Jordain Carney of The Hill Republican Sen. Mike Lee (Utah) objected. He noted that while he had just seen the bill for the first time, he had concerns that it would infringe on the First Amendment. “Any legislation that … Continue reading

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