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Democrats blow past GOP incumbents in Q2 fundraising

Max Greenwood in The Hill – Democrats running in the most competitive Senate races blew past their Republican opponents in fundraising in the second quarter as a series of national crises dragged down President Trump’s polling numbers. Continue…

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Trump’s rough patch: Is this as bad as it gets?

 David Leonhardt of the New York Times – Since President Trump shot to the top of the Republican presidential field five years ago, his critics on both the right and the left have been eager to predict his imminent political … Continue reading

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GOP operatives worry Trump will lose both the presidency and Senate majority

Michael Warren and Ryan Nobles of CNN – A little more than three months ago, as Democrats cast their ballots in the Nevada caucuses, Republicans felt confident about their chances in 2020. The coronavirus seemed a distant, far-off threat. Democrats appeared poised to … Continue reading

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How the ‘Trump Effect’ Could Lift Democratic Senate Candidates

Giovanni Russonello of the New YorkTimes – The GOP has tightened its ranks; its reliable voters, hovering at around 40 percent of the electorate, tend to approve of almost anything President Trump does. Yet throughout his term, from the 2017 battles … Continue reading

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How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s Enabler-in-Chief

Jane Meyer of The New Yorker – The Senate Majority Leader’s refusal to rein in the President is looking riskier than ever. McConnell, who’s far less popular than Trump in Kentucky, rose in state polls after defending Trump at the … Continue reading

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