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Courts’ Republican Appointees Are Dismantling Voting Rights: Study

Lydia O’Connor of MSN – A study commissioned by a group that favors expanding the U.S. Supreme Court found that Republican-appointed judges and justices in 2020 have repeatedly ruled in favor of making it harder for Americans to vote. Continue…

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At the highest levels of the judiciary, judges spar over Trump’s legal powers

Dan Berman of CNN – “We’re asking for temporary presidential immunity.” That was the direct request from Jay Sekulow, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, to the Supreme Court on Tuesday in the historic lawsuit over turning over the President’s tax returns … Continue reading

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For a Lot of American Teens, Religion Is a Regular Part of the Public School Day

Yet many other U.S. adolescents rarely observe religious behavior in their schools, and a majority say they rarely or never discuss religion with friends Fourth in a series about religion in America from Pew Research Center – Religion in public … Continue reading

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5 facts about the Supreme Court

Bruce Drake and John Gramlich of Pew Research – The Supreme Court holds a unique place in American government. Sitting justices have lifetime tenure and can influence public policy long after the presidents who nominated them – and the senators … Continue reading

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Trump, Kavanaugh impeachment speculation kicks up after Dems’ House takeover

By Adam Shaw of Fox News With Democrats set to reclaim control of the House in January and President Trump already infuriating them with the forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, speculation is rampant over whether they will use … Continue reading

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