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Artificial Intelligence Loses Some Of Its Edginess, But Is Poised To Take Off

Joe McKendrick in Forbes – More than a decade ago, Nicholas Carr, in his work Does IT Matter, suggested that the widespread availability and low prices of technology made it more of a utility like electricity or water, versus a competitive differentiator.  This … Continue reading

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Zealandia: New maps reveal New Zealand’s lost underwater continent

Jesse Yeung of CNN – Under New Zealand, there lies a vast continent on the sea floor. Once part of the same land mass as Antarctica and Australia, the lost continent of Zealandia broke off 85 million years ago and eventually sank … Continue reading

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Why everyone you know is on Zoom

Zoom has taken over both work and play in the age of COVID-19. Why Zoom? Mark Wilson of Fast Company – The other night, I had two teleconferences scheduled at the same time. In the work world, this is an … Continue reading

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Virology in the time of coronavirus: What a difference a month makes — and the most important questions we still need to answer

Dr. Tom Frieden and Dr. Cyrus Shahpar of CNN – Sneak preview of the four most important questions we still need to answer (in addition, of course to finding an effective treatment and vaccine): Do kids spread the virus commonly? … Continue reading

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A debate between AI experts shows a battle over the technology’s future

Karen Hao in MIT Technology Review – Since the 1950s, artificial intelligence has repeatedly overpromised and underdelivered. While recent years have seen incredible leaps thanks to deep learning, AI today is still narrow: it’s fragile in the face of attacks, can’t generalize to … Continue reading

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