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U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It

By Janet Reitman in the New York Times For two decades, domestic counterterrorism strategy has ignored the rising danger of far-right extremism. In the atmosphere of willful indifference, a virulent movement has grown and metastasized. Continue reading…

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20 ways artificial intelligence is changing our lives

By Peter Giffen in Espresso From chess-playing computers to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence involves machines learning from experience and performing tasks like people, only better. Using natural-language processing, computers are trained to perform specific functions, analyzing huge amounts of data … Continue reading

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Historian on violence against Jews: Words matter

By Wayne Flynt in AL.Com Historian and author Wayne Flynt delivered a message about violence against Jews in Pittsburgh at Beth Shalom Synagogue in Auburn, Alabama on Friday, November 2. This is his message: Every WORD counts. Every WORD has … Continue reading

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The Saruman Trap: When power is corrupt, there is no way to escape its toxic influence

By Eliot A. Cohen of Johns Hopkins University in The Atlantic Conservatives in distress turn to ancient texts. In the current circumstance, those of us of a Hebraic cast reach for the prophet Isaiah in his darker moods, or the … Continue reading

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New York City Joins The “Imminent Bankruptcy” Club

  By Tyler Durden in Zero Hedge The “public pension crisis” is the kind of subject that’s easy to over-analyze, in part because there are so many different examples of bad behavior out there and in part because the aggregate … Continue reading

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