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Brexit: The Winds of Political Change Are Growing

By David Murrin Note: In introducing David Murrin to an international group, Ken Feltman said, “David Murrin has the misfortune to be correct too soon, before others are even aware of what’s going on. David is one of the prescient … Continue reading

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The meek shall not inherit the earth

By David Murrin, author of Breaking the Code of History We have often discussed the psychology of national aggression, based on where each party is on their empire cycle. In the case of Britain and Russia, both parties have been … Continue reading

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The Other Russia Collusion Scandal Is Breaking Wide Open

By Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine In 2016, Vladimir Putin reaped two of his greatest foreign policy triumphs in quick succession. The United Kingdom voted narrowly to exit the European Union, advancing a longstanding Russian goal of splitting Western … Continue reading

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Has Russia influenced more elections? Why isn’t there greater outrage about Russia’s involvement in Brexit?

This scandal should cause uproar but the BBC and Labour just change the subject By Nick Cohen, an Observer columnist, writing in the Guardian The first duty of the leaders and citizens of a democracy is to defend its elections … Continue reading

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Sub-Saharan African Immigrants in the U.S. Are Often More Educated Than Those in Top European Destinations

Sub-Saharan immigrants in the United States are also more highly educated than U.S. native-born population By Monica Anderson and Phillip Connor of the Pew Research Center As the annual number of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa to both the United States … Continue reading

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