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China finds new ways to pressure Trump amid trade impasse

Donna Borak of CNN – The Chinese government is ramping up efforts to apply pressure on the United States beyond imposing punitive economic measures as trade negotiations between the two countries remain deadlocked. Beijing has advised its citizens in recent … Continue reading

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In quest for Gen Z votes, 2020 could be the year of the influencer

Brittany Shepherd National Politics Reporter – As the race to secure frontrunner status for the 2020 election accelerates, political campaigns are looking to win over the youngest segment of voters: Generation Z. Generally considered to be individuals born between 1997 and 2012, … Continue reading

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Americans are far more religious than adults in other wealthy nations

Dalia Fahmy of Pew Research – Americans pray more often, are more likely to attend weekly religious services and ascribe higher importance to faith in their lives than adults in other wealthy, Western democracies, such as Canada, Australia and most … Continue reading

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10 facts about Americans and Facebook

John Gramlich of Pew Research – Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes made headlines this month when he argued that the tech giant he helped establish 15 years ago has become a “monopoly” and should be broken up. Democratic presidential candidates have … Continue reading

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Crippling ransomware attacks targeting US cities are on the rise

Kevin Collier of CNN – Targeted ransomware attacks on local US government entities — cities, police stations and schools — are on the rise, costing localities millions as some pay off the perpetrators in an effort to untangle themselves and … Continue reading

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