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America in Crisis

Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter of CNN – What do you write on a day like this? How can the day be neatly summed up in a string of sentences and paragraphs? How can the pain, agony, frustration and fear … Continue reading

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The Hero Who Betrayed His Country

Michael Weiss in the Atlantic – The video accompanying this article was published by Radnor Reports on July 2 and soon became popular. Here is that video. Here is the article.

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Confessions of a Russian Spy

Video from the Atlantic – “For so many years, two persons were inside of me,” says Deniss Metsavas, a former Russian spy. In a new documentary from The Atlantic, Metsavas tells the disturbing story of his double identity for the … Continue reading

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Trump is the “say anything” president

from CNN Business Videos – From conspiracy theories to contradictions, Trump will say anything. Brian Stelter cites some recent examples, like his allegation of a “coup” attempt and a false claim that mothers and doctors can decide to “execute” babies. … Continue reading

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Washington Post says Trump is nearing a misstatement milestone

Video from CNN Business – Journalists have been busy fact-checking President Trump’s erratic reactions to Robert Mueller’s report. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler says Trump will soon reach 10,000 false or misleading statements by the Post’s count. Continue to the … Continue reading

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