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Oil Wars, Devaluations, Revolutions and Shooting Wars

David Murrin in Murrinations – The sun is setting on the oil sector as we know it. Yesterday oil hit our $27 target after what the press has described as an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. I described … Continue reading

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Russian Warning Signals

David Murrin of Global Forecaster – Russia: The need for Rapprochement with the West highlighted the critical and vulnerable economic phase Russia is now entering and the importance with which any sign of aggression should be considered as a warning sign … Continue reading

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Key findings about America’s military veterans

Ruth Igielnik of Pew Research – A recent Pew Research Center survey of veterans found that, for many who served in combat, their experiences strengthened them personally but also made the transition to civilian life difficult. For many veterans, the … Continue reading

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The U.S. Turned Syria’s North Into a Tinderbox. Then Trump Lit a Match.

Max Fisher of the New York Times – The violence precipitated by the American withdrawal is an outcome of tensions that have been building since the conflict began more than eight years ago. Continue…

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Russia Has Americans’ Weaknesses All Figured Out

Jim Sciutto in the Atlantic – Election interference is one front in Moscow’s larger campaign to undermine the U.S. without prompting a military response. Continue reading…

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