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Trump’s Presidency: the German Perspective

by Dominik Meier and Inga Karten, Miller & Meier Consulting, Berlin, Brussels and Washington  (website) This Tuesday, Donald John Trump took the last hurdle on his path to the US presidency by securing a victory in the Electoral College. In … Continue reading

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The politics of clout: Where’s the bourbon and branch water?

By Ken Feltman A jackass can kick a barn down but it can’t build anything. Speaker Sam Rayburn (D-Texas) Late Senate Minority Leader Everett M. Dirksen (R-Ill.) once remarked that “the real citadel of strength of any community is in the … Continue reading

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The tea parties in our political future

By Ken Feltman President Obama’s comment in 2008 about small-town voters clinging to their guns and religion became a flash point for many everyday Americans. Remember Joe the Plumber? Rank-and-file Americans understood that Obama did not respect them or their … Continue reading

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Mulligans are for golf, not for political talking-heads: A defense of Hilary Rosen

By Ken Feltman If she had it to do over, Hilary Rosen could choose slightly different words and avoid the firestorm of criticism that followed her remarks about Ann Romney. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus suggests that Rosen’s error was … Continue reading

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Independent Voters of Myth and Legend

By Mark Rhoads For many decades political scientists, main stream media, and pollsters have labored to find an animal as rare as a unicorn. The “independent voter” of legend according to these wise-in-their-own-opinion political junkies is someone who identifies with neither party … Continue reading

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