Housing is providing another in a line of troubling signs pointing to an economic downturn

Jeff Cox of CNBC –

  • Declining home sales are “consistent with the possibility of a late 2019 or early 2020 recession,” St. Louis Fed economist William Emmons said in a report.
  • The analysis overlays home sales over 12- and 36-month periods to look at trends that have held up during the previous three recessions.
  • Emmons said a recession, if it hits, would be “much less severe” than during the Great Recession that exploded in 2008.


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Trump Is Falling Almost 1 Million Jobs Short Vs. Obama

Chuck Jones in Forbes –

The underlying economy is weaker than perceived when you look at March quarter’s GDP numbers and railroad traffic taking a significant downward move over the past month. If the economy continues on this path it could enter a recession when few are forecasting one with one reliable indicator foreshadowing a downturn in the next 6 to 18 months.

It could become a self-fulfilling prophecy as almost 70% of CFO’s are predicting a recession by the end of 2020.


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Environmentalists removed more than 40 tons of trash from the Pacific — and it barely made a dent

Michelle Lou of CNN –

Forty tons may seem like a lot — it’s equivalent in weight to about 24 cars, or 6.5 fully grown elephants.

But the 25-day expedition probably barely made a dent. It’s estimated that 1.15 to 2.41 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year.

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Can Emmanuel Macron Stem the Populist Tide?

Lauren Collin in the New Yorker –

France’s young President is now Europe’s most forceful progressive. But violence at home and the success of right-wing parties throughout the Continent threaten his ambitions.

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The Colorado STEM Shooting Is Way More Complicated Than People Know, But Also Exactly What You Think

Amber Jamieson and Stephanie K. Baer of Buzz Feed –

She was in her world literature class when she heard three loud bangs. Gunshots. Two bullets came through the walls, hitting her classmate in the foot. For 22 minutes, the 16-year-old sophomore whispered updates to a 911 operator.

She texted her mom to tell her that she loved her. “I love you too — why the random text saying it?” her mother responded. “Tell me everything’s OK or I’m going to freak out.”

There’s been a national movement in the media, especially after Parkland, to responsibly limit school shooters’ names and images out of concern for glorifying their acts or inspiring copycats. Outlets, including BuzzFeed News, have adopted this approach. But in this case, the suspects’ backstories illustrate the root factors of the violence — and paint a deeper portrait of the country at large.

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