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Obama is doing what he does: the grubby political stuff

by Ken Feltman Pundits of all sizes, shapes and pre-conceived opinions are shifting into high gear to analyze President Obama and his handling of the Syrian chemical weapons mess. Prevailing world punditry holds that President Putin of Russia out-foxed Obama. … Continue reading

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Nun-power forces President Obama to retreat

By Ken Feltman Chicago is a place where many people – not just Roman Catholics – refer to wards and electoral districts by Roman Catholic parish names, not numbers. Amazing as it seems, a president from Chicago violated one of … Continue reading

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The hyper-voter: Romney’s dilemma

By Ken Feltman What’s happened to the tea parties this election season? They haven’t disappeared. The primary results in Florida show that they are still there, just not as visible. Other voter uprisings have followed this pattern. The passions subside … Continue reading

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When Fifth Place is a Badge of Honor

By Mark Rhoads According to a story on CNN Money, Mitt Romney raised more than $12 million worth of campaign donations in 2011 from Wall Street investment and banking executives, more than any other candidate. President Obama was in second … Continue reading

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Gas at the pump and milk on the grocery store shelf

By Ken Feltman Years ago, as the story was told to me, Chicago’s first Mayor Daley invited representatives of the Teamsters Union and several milk companies to meet with him in a hotel suite. The Teamsters had gone on strike against the … Continue reading

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