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Obama is doing what he does: the grubby political stuff

by Ken Feltman Pundits of all sizes, shapes and pre-conceived opinions are shifting into high gear to analyze President Obama and his handling of the Syrian chemical weapons mess. Prevailing world punditry holds that President Putin of Russia out-foxed Obama. … Continue reading

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The politics of clout: Where’s the bourbon and branch water?

By Ken Feltman A jackass can kick a barn down but it can’t build anything. Speaker Sam Rayburn (D-Texas) Late Senate Minority Leader Everett M. Dirksen (R-Ill.) once remarked that “the real citadel of strength of any community is in the … Continue reading

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Mulligans are for golf, not for political talking-heads: A defense of Hilary Rosen

By Ken Feltman If she had it to do over, Hilary Rosen could choose slightly different words and avoid the firestorm of criticism that followed her remarks about Ann Romney. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus suggests that Rosen’s error was … Continue reading

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Nun-power forces President Obama to retreat

By Ken Feltman Chicago is a place where many people – not just Roman Catholics – refer to wards and electoral districts by Roman Catholic parish names, not numbers. Amazing as it seems, a president from Chicago violated one of … Continue reading

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Obama plans negative campaign if Romney is GOP nominee?

By Ken Feltman A sour economy takes arrows from the incumbent’s quiver. One of those arrows is President Obama’s ability to go negative against any opponent when a major theme of Obama’s presidency has been to blame Bush (As Ronald … Continue reading

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