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Joe Trippi: Weird Deaniac?

This morning, I Tweeted about Brexit and included @JoeTrippi because I got the Brexit article from Trippi’s Twitter timeline. Soon, I got a text message from a frenemy who said (spelling cleaned up): You are still an idiot! Why do you … Continue reading

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Chris Christie and Bridgegate: Just one email away from destruction

By Ken Feltman (also published at Politix.) Remember Watergate? Sen. Howard Baker (R-TN) asked the  most important question: “What did the President know and when did he know it?” The clues were in the Oval Office tapes, which were products of … Continue reading

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Is the Middle the Future? If so, Who’s in the Middle?

By Ken Feltman Republicans have no clear national leader and may not for some time. The problem is numbers and attitudes. The conservative elements of the Republican Party, especially social conservatives, do not have the numbers to claim party-wide leadership. … Continue reading

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A looming tea party backlash?

By Ken Feltman In September I wrote that the voters who tend to be identified with the tea parties “reject what they sense is the underlying attitude among political elites – that the elites know more and, therefore, know best. … Continue reading

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Should the GOP break the anti-tax pledge?

By Ken Feltman   Writing about people I know is never easy and, in effect, that is what Politico is asking when they ask me to write about whether Republicans should break their anti-tax pledge. Grover Norquist has had an enormous impact … Continue reading

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