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Politics is plumbing

By Peter E. Feltman As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan and Iraq, what can we hope for? Plenty! But plenty of what? Perhaps we should forget the earlier exhortations about liberty, constitutions and nation building and concentrate on a … Continue reading

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Romney and the Frick and Frack Rule

 By Ken Feltman   One of the worst habits of political consultants is our tendency to criticize other consultants. This is especially true when the criticism involves a candidate’s behavior. Often, no matter what the consultant advises, the candidate does … Continue reading

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Britain adrift or Britain prescient?

By Ken Feltman Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says that Prime Minister David Cameron’s veto of the European Union treaty changes designed to save the Euro is “bad for Britain” and could leave the United Kingdom “isolated and marginalised.” Clegg … Continue reading

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Unreadiness for the Arab Spring

By Dr. Walid Phares When the young Tunisian burned himself in protest against authoritarian oppression and lack of economic justice, triggering massive demonstrations in this small North African country, commentators hesitated to coin the movement as an Arab Spring. It took months, … Continue reading

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The European Autumn

By Ken Feltman “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” -Albert Camus Spain has become the third eurozone country in as many weeks to toss out its governing party. In the past year and a half, … Continue reading

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