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House coronavirus oversight panel asks five companies to return loans meant for small businesses

Lauren Fox and Clare Foran of CNN – The House Oversight Committee’s new select coronavirus oversight panel sent letters to five different companies on Friday asking them to return loans they received from the Paycheck Protection Program set up during the pandemic to aid struggling small … Continue reading

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Should the GOP break the anti-tax pledge?

By Ken Feltman   Writing about people I know is never easy and, in effect, that is what Politico is asking when they ask me to write about whether Republicans should break their anti-tax pledge. Grover Norquist has had an enormous impact … Continue reading

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By Anthony Hawks The decision in McCulloch v. Maryland was handed down on March 6, 1819, and it did not take long for Marshall’s critics to mount a newspaper campaign denouncing the decision, particularly what they viewed as Marshall’s erroneously … Continue reading

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When Fifth Place is a Badge of Honor

By Mark Rhoads According to a story on CNN Money, Mitt Romney raised more than $12 million worth of campaign donations in 2011 from Wall Street investment and banking executives, more than any other candidate. President Obama was in second … Continue reading

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By Anthony W. Hawks Why did the deficit reduction super-committee fail? For the same reason that the “Byrd Amendments” mandating a balanced budget failed in 1978, 1980, and 1982. For the same reason that the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings law and its sequestration … Continue reading

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