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Monty Python, Political Pundit

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition – Monty Python By Ken Feltman May was one of President Obama’s worse months ever and June was hardly better for his reelection prospects. Despite that, polls suggested he was widening his lead in critical … Continue reading

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By Anthony W. Hawks During the recent Supreme Court oral arguments on the Obamacare individual mandate, Chief Justice John Marshall was invoked no less than three times: once by Justice Sotomayer to suggest that Marshall’s opinion in Gibbons v. Ogden allowed Congress to … Continue reading

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Nun-power forces President Obama to retreat

By Ken Feltman Chicago is a place where many people – not just Roman Catholics – refer to wards and electoral districts by Roman Catholic parish names, not numbers. Amazing as it seems, a president from Chicago violated one of … Continue reading

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Fox News fails in GOP debate coverage

by Ken Feltman I was part of a group of political consultants and media representative who were asked to Tweet our impressions during the Republican debate last night. I must have sent 50 Tweets. After the debate, an overnight analysis … Continue reading

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Another unfinished election?

Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves? – Andy Warhol By Ken Feltman Have we learned anything this election cycle that we did not know before? I am tempted to say no because the lessons many … Continue reading

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