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The wages of Wisconsin?

By Ken Feltman In the wake of the Wisconsin recall vote and the publicity about public employee unions and their influence on government spending for pensions and other benefits, Radnor asked 890 Americans about their impressions of unions in America. We … Continue reading

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Wisconsin: Labor gambles and loses

By Ken Feltman After all the campaigning and vicious attack ads, outright thuggery in a few areas and millions of dollars in outside money, the results in the Wisconsin recall election look a lot like the results from November 2010. Yes, there were … Continue reading

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One big loser

by Ken Feltman First take on yesterday’s primary elections: + Big Labor flooded Arkansas with advertising and get-out-the-vote workers. The effort, expected to end the Senate career of Blanche Lincoln, fell short. Lincoln used an endorsement by former President Clinton … Continue reading

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Republicans are behind the Democrats in fundraising

by Ken Feltman With the Supreme Court striking down key parts of McCain-Feingold campaign finance legislation, GOP officials hope to benefit from corporate election spending. But business is always more cautious than organized labor. It may take the cautious business community … Continue reading

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Evy Dubrow: A life worth living

by Ken Feltman Touching a whale in the wild Are some lives so significant that when that person dies, every living heart in the world skips a beat in tribute? That’s what my grandmother said. If so, billions of hearts … Continue reading

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