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Candy Tries to Help Her Hero

By Mark Rhoads A debate moderator who cannot hide her personal bias deserves to be called out publicly. Candy Crowley of CNN did not even try to appear to be neutral or objective. But her low point was when she interrupted Mitt Romney to … Continue reading

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About 9-11-2001: A word from France

(note: the following is reproduced as written by my friend and colleague, Gaël Roulleau, of Provence, Paris and wherever his work on behalf of human dignity takes him. He wrote this in English hoping I could share it with those who do … Continue reading

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The greater damage of 9-11

By Ken Feltman Every age has a keyhole to which its eye is pasted. – Mary McCarthy The 9-11 attacks had two unanticipated results for the United States. The first is now well known: The U.S. started down the path … Continue reading

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The nomenclature of Northwest 253

by Ken Feltman If our words when faced with unexpected events show our true feelings, the clear differences between Democrats and Republicans were evident after the narrowly averted tragedy of flight 253. Whatever words you choose, you must admit that … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Is Escalation a Fait Accompli?

by Michael Granger The crowding of crises Sometimes one crisis can crowd out another to the point that one does not get the attention it deserves. The economic crisis is crowding out the Afghanistan war. Behind the scenes, in secret … Continue reading

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