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The Manipulator: Psychological Profile of Ukrainian President Yanukovich

by Elizaveta Egorova, PhD, and Ekaterina Egorova, PhD (This is an update of the April 2010 psychological profile of President Yanukovich by Ekaterina Egorova and Elizaveta Egorova.) Viktor Yanukovich’s choice between the association with the EU or the accession to the Customs Union is quite … Continue reading

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Special Report: Ukraine and Victor Yanukovich

by Ekaterina Egorova, PhD in Political Science & President of Moscow-based Niccolo M Group of Companies, and Elisabeth Egorova, PhD, Political Psychologist, Niccolo M Group of Companies What Kind of President in Ukraine did Medvedev and Obama get? Both Putin … Continue reading

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From Vladimir with cunning

 by Ken Feltman   Anyone who doesn’t regret the passing of the Soviet Union has no heart. Anyone who wants it restored has no brains. – Vladimir Putin   My comments about Vladimir Putin in last month’s Radnor Geopolitical Report drew many positive … Continue reading

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