Who reads these newsletters anyway?

The September 2013 farewell telecast of the popular ABC-TV program ‘Inside Washington’ caused a few questions about this newsletter’s original name. One person came right out and asked if we ‘borrowed’ or ‘stole’ it.

Inside Washington’s Headlines began in March of 1985 – the month Radnor Inc. was founded and three years before ‘Inside Washington’ first aired. Early newsletters were mailed, then faxed, now emailed.

Inside Washington’s Headlines was joined by the even more pretentiously named Radnor Geopolitical Report on November 8, 1989 – the day before the Berlin Wall opened.

Radnor’s Ken Feltman was attending a meeting in Nice. Also attending was Soviet foreign affairs spokesman Gennady Gerasimov. A German friend who knew Gerasimov well introduced Feltman to Gerasimov. Feltman learned that Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev had just told Gerasimov that the Berlin Wall soon would be opened to spare bloodshed as protesting East Germans tried to break through or scale the wall.

Feltman got the announcement out to the Radnor Inc. newsletter lists – using the name Radnor Geopolitical Report – and, late the following evening, thousands of joyous people, some in pajamas, flooded into West Berlin. The Soviet Union was finally dissolved on December 26, 1991.

Radnor also produces The Decision Maker for clients with specific policy objectives.
The three newsletters were combined into Radnor Reports in 1993.

Combined circulation for all newsletters peaked at just under 23,000. Today, after the United States, France has the second largest number of subscribers, followed by Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Turkey, South Africa and China.

Austria has the highest ‘open’ rate (96%) followed by Turkey, Finland, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, France and Ukraine with 80-95% ‘open’ rates. The industry average ‘open’ rate is 35%. Radnor has averaged 68% since records have been kept.